The essential workbook for founders, creators and managers.

The Digital Innovation Playbook makes a play- and successful development of both services and products as easy as it’s never been.

It inspires and empowers makers and managers! By providing a unique framework and method set it facilitates the access to digital innovation development—always and everywhere, disregarding the level of previous experience

Step by step the Playbook reveals the most valuable tactical move for each task and scenario. In a further development of a classical design thinking approach it is closely related to a practical experience and therefore shows both prosperity and instructive defeats.

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Known from

Delivery Framework

The Innovation Board is the centerpiece of the Playbook. It is the hard drive for the most important data, facts and ideas of a project. It is as well the delivery framework that synchronizes makers, enablers and decision-makers.

Different Perspectives

Design Thinking, Lean, BMC etc.—the Playbook is a remix of the best theories of the wide field of user-centered design. The Innovation Board helps to translate this theory mix into practical results.

More than 40 methods

Playbook and board are divided into three major sections: EXPLORE, CREATE and EVALUATE. Each sections has its own set of methods, that helps creators to gather and analyze the right information.

Why we wrote this book

Makers and enablers speak, think and act on different levels. The Playbook helps both of them to find a common level of communication and to tackle projects without friction but with maximum success. Ultimately, both have the same goal: to create digital innovations that meet the real needs of their users.

For whom we have written this book

All the makers that want to create and improve digital products and services. Everyone that wants to make their working processes more agile. And for all the managers that want to establish open spaces for creativity and innovations in their company—we call them “enablers”.

A workbook for innovative people

“This is not a book just like any other—already starting visually: a yellow bible with the name Digital Innovation Playbook (Murmann Verlag) just attracts attention. […] The presented tools and methods are not just relevant and suspenseful for founders—but rather for all managers.”


The featured methods in the book cover the entire process of ideation and innovation.

“The book is well designed, has a clear layout and gives incentives for future processes to experienced managers/consultants.”

Matter of Design

getAbstract recommends the playbook to all designers, product developers, innovators and creatives.

“This is a “playbook” full of graphics and project templates (templates in PDF format that are available online). It is boldly written and thus easy to understand. Fortunately, because the content of the digital innovation playbook is quite demanding.”


The makers of the “Digital Innovation Playbook” deliver something really practical.

“The authors want to make specific instructions available to the readers, with whom they can develop innovations and implement them in the company Therefore, they aim at all those who invent digital products and services or want to improve existing ones.”


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“A Workbook for founders, managers and makers, that helps you to create a Design Thinking Factory out of any company.”


The Digital Innovation Playbook is an evolution of design thinking and is defined as a workbook for practice. The preparation, implementation and transfer of innovations are completely and systematically enabled. The book provides a variety of tools and methods, but also a framework that has been specificially developed by the innovation consultancy Dark Horse Innovation. It is both tactical frame and instruction for innovation.

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Dark Horse Innovation enables organizations to utilize the market potentials of the digital age. We create user-centered products and services and transform structures, processes and minds to empower our clients to be more innovative.

The digital age constantly and rapidly revolutionizes how we work and live, consume and even love. Products and services and users‘ interpretations of them are increasingly intertwined and connected. Successful brands interact with their customers and quickly identify and create opportunities to innovate. The rules of the game are changing all the time. We thrive on that change.