We offer different workshop formats for the Digital Innovation Playbook.
We are happy to adapt the topics and questions to your challenges.

The Playbook in action

We have written the Digital Innovation Playbook to help founders, doers and managers innovate. Our goal has always been to make this book as practical as possible. Nevertheless, a book can never replace the practice. To fill this gap, we offer various workshop formats to immerse even faster and more intensively in the world of digital innovation. During the workshops we work in teams of at least 10 people. Together, we define the subject of the workshop and create it to suit your questions and challenges.

Training methods

2 day workshop

In 2 days, we will deal with the main methods of the playbook and apply them and relate them to each other. The 2 days are an optimal format to get an insight into the topic and the methods.

Sprint project

5 days sprint

In 5 intensive days, we dedicate ourselves to your topics. Depending on the challenge, we go through a specific module or all three. Sprints are particularly well suited for the kick-off or for new impulses.

Projekt framing


We would like to help you to define and set up your project. This format is aimed at anyone who wants to start an innovation project and need help to set it up. The workshop usually takes 1-2 days.
Workshop request

Dark Horse Innovation enables organizations to utilize the market potentials of the digital age. We create user-centered products and services and transform structures, processes and minds to empower our clients to be more innovative.

The digital age constantly and rapidly revolutionizes how we work and live, consume and even love. Products and services and users‘ interpretations of them are increasingly intertwined and connected. Successful brands interact with their customers and quickly identify and create opportunities to innovate. The rules of the game are changing all the time. We thrive on that change.